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There is nothing more important than the safety of your family. At ACS, we take that responsibility seriously. ACS is an authorized dealer and installer of the DSC (Digital Security Controls) PowerSeries™ Security Systems. DSC has redefined the meaning of security and designed powerful new systems that will keep you and your family safe... in ways you never imagined

These systems are more than just reliable burglar alarms, they offer:
Home Automation Control your home appliances. Adjust your heating, control the lights, open your garage door, unlock your gates, and turn on your sprinklers all with a simple phone call.
Remote Telephone Access Check on your system from anywhere in the world
Two Security Systems in One Protect two separate areas - your home plus a workshop, a valuable collection or an in-law/rental apartment
7 Station Intercom Listen to the baby sleeping in the nursery, and communicate with your children in the playroom while you work in your 2nd floor office. Talk to people at your door without having to open it.
Paging Have peace of mind knowing that your system will page you the minute your kids walk through the door. Or when your housekeeper leaves for the day.
Easy to Use Allow you to perform many system functions with just a push of a button.
Remote Service Many equipment problems can be diagnosed and corrected over the phone by ACS eliminating inconvenient and expensive service calls.
Remote Control at Your Finger Tips Be in control, wherever you are. Optional remote control devices include a wireless key for arming and disarming the system.
Wireless Options Both hardwired and wireless detection devices can be used with your PowerSeries™ system, permitting fast, easy expansion to exactly suit your needs today and tomorrow.
Smoke & Heat Detector Monitoring Even if you're away, your monitoring station can still alert the fire department should a fire emergency occur.
False Alarm Prevention The PowerSeries™ systems have over a dozen false alarm prevention features built into it, setting a standard of reliability that goes far beyond other systems.


  1. How much does a security system cost?
    The cost of the system depends upon the amount of equipment it takes to protect your home or business. We have a basic system starting at $199.95.
  2. How much is the monitoring service?
    Our monitoring service is $18 per month paid yearly, $19 per month paid quarterly, or $20 per month paid monthly. With our low cost structure, we can offer 24 hour monitoring at these prices.
  3. Who provides the monitoring service?
    Our monitoring service is provided by Security Central, located in Statesville, NC, one of the largest central stations in the country.
  4. How long does it take to install a security system?
    Average systems take 6 to 8 hours to install.
  5. Do I get a discount on my homeowner's insurance?
    Most insurance companies give discounts for monitored security systems. The discount will help offset the cost of the monthly monitoring fees.

For more information about our DSC Security Systems contact ACS at 252-355-4355 or visit DSC's web site.

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